Playlist for Earth

It’s not always easy to start a conversation about the climate crisis, but there has never been a more crucial moment to talk about the global challenges we’re all facing.

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Introducing #PlaylistsForEarth

ClientEarth is an environmental charity with a unique approach. We use the power of the law to create powerful change for people and planet, holding individual companies, governments and institutions to account.

Ahead of COP26, and five years on from the Paris Agreement, we’re joining forces with musicians, record labels and festivals to reframe the climate discussion through uniquely curated playlists.

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The Playlists

Using song titles to create powerful messages about the climate crisis, #PlaylistsForEarth harnesses music’s global reach to spark vital conversations with new audiences – conversations of hope not despair, of action, not inaction.

Read the playlist from one of our featured artists and share. Together we can make sure the conversation doesn’t stop.


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Head over to our social channels to discover more about the campaign and find out how you can get involved. Together we can make sure the conversation doesn’t stop.

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At ClientEarth we use the power of the law to bring about seismic, systemic change that protects life on earth. We work in partnership across the globe to tackle climate change, end pollution and protect nature.

Our work is only possible thanks to the support of people like you. Together we can create a brighter future for all life on Earth.


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With your support, we can change the system and protect the future of people and planet.

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